Our Offerings

Marwar Carptes helps you to custom design experiences through renderings.

We are the pioneers in weaving unique hand crafted floor coverings of your choice from Carpets to rugs to dhurries to Bath Mats, which are exceptional in design, in quality & in make.

Our collection features a range of construction and weaving options for your floor coverings like Hand tufted, hand looms, Hand woven, Hand knotted, Tufted, Hairon, Pitloom, Punjaloom in variety of color and yarn combinations made using different materials e.g Cotton, wool, chenille, silk, Leather, suede, viscose, Bamboo, jute, polyester etc. & with variety of surface techniques like printing, embroidery, jacquard, table tufting, cutwork, handloom over tufting etc.

At Marwar, you are spoilt with choices, all you have to do is name it and we will make, your demand is our Motivation.



We are committed to provide world-class bespoke experiences for our clients with our two level Wing QD bespoke solutions. With just few clicks you will have your dream carpet/rug at your feet in the most time and cost effective way via our Bespoke rug service and Bespoke program provided under Wings QD.

Our consultants are delighted to answer your questions, share samples and find the perfect yarn and designs to give every space the richness and timeless value of expertly crafted floor coverings. We have following certifications & Tests to back our ethical system. Together with label STEP, we are fully committed to adhering strict social and ecological standards in the production of carpets. Our factories are held as examples within the industry of excellent working practices.