Broadloom Carpets vs Carpet Tiles: Which Is Better For Your Workplace?

Your house or office’s carpet has to be replaced at this point, but there are a lot of alternatives available. Do you prefer broadloom carpets or modular carpets, often referred to as carpet tiles? Why pick the broadloom carpet among several choices? The decision-making process might seem intimidating due to the wide variety of carpet types, styles, colours, patterns, thicknesses, sizes, and materials available.

It might be difficult to understand the distinctions between various carpet alternatives if you have limited expertise in the carpet industry and are unsure of what to search for. Marwar Carpet’s professionals are here to assist you to understand why you would want to select a broadloom carpet. We are aware that buying a carpet requires a significant financial investment as well as the fact that you will have to live with it for many years after making your decision. This adds to the burden of the choice for many individuals.

The flooring you select when constructing or remodeling a business office space will affect how prospective clients or renters perceive the space. There is a tons of options for commercial flooring that you may consider, but as you start to focus your search, you’ll want to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each before deciding which one is the best match for your particular location.

Already considering carpet? Carpeting, as opposed to hard flooring, reduces noise and promotes safety. You may customise your commercial area by selecting from a huge range of colours, textures, and styles. The two most prevalent solutions for commercial carpets, broadloom and modular carpets must first be chosen. Before making your decision, consider the information below about each.

Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom carpet sometimes referred to as tufted carpet, is created on a large loom and is frequently offered in rolls that are 12 to 15 feet wide. For wall-to-wall installation, it is cut to size and set against carpet padding. Broadloom carpet is adaptable, forgiving, and available in a wide range of shades and designs. Large areas may be swiftly and affordably covered, and the padding helps hide foundation flaws. However, in smaller spaces, the broadloom carpet does not install as swiftly. Additionally, it generates more trash and costs significantly more to fix. Complete replacement is typical.

Broadloom carpet is the more conventional and popular choice. It comes in big, rolled-up sections that are unfurled and cut to size for installation. Broadloom carpet rolls are perfect for large spaces like conference rooms because they can swiftly and easily cover a vast expanse of the floor with grand, intricate designs or subtle colours. A secondary pad usually referred to as an underlay, must be placed between the floor slab and the carpet when using wall-to-wall broadloom carpeting.


  1. Elegant design possibilities and vibrant patterns: Large commercial areas can benefit from the statement-making elegance or flair that broadloom patterns can provide.
  2. Better quality and softer than carpet tiles: More cushion is provided underfoot by the broadloom carpet’s integrated padding.
  3. More affordable: The price per square foot varies depending on the design and a few other criteria, but broadloom carpet is often less expensive than carpet tiles.
  4. Concealed seams: Although broadloom carpet is available in substantial rolls, certain rooms require many pieces to completely cover the space. Broadloom roll seams are welded chemically to make them look like one continuous piece of flooring.


  1. Potentially wasteful: Broadloom carpet rolls will need to be trimmed to meet the precise dimensions of the space, so any extra padding and material will be effectively worthless.
  2. Higher installation time: Before putting in the carpet, the carpet pad needs to be placed. The carpet is then trimmed, and the seams are sealed. Depending on the size and layout of the space, the entire operation may take a full day or longer.
  3. Challenging to replace and fix: Broadloom carpet can’t be pulled up and changed when it becomes discoloured or damaged, unlike carpet tiles. Before replacement, stain treatments should be used; however, if the damage cannot be fixed, the entire piece (and maybe its pad) has to be torn out and replaced.

Carpet Tiles

Like ceramic tiles, carpet tiles are square, pre-sized pieces of carpet that are intended to fit next to one another on the floor. There is no need for a separate pad since modular carpet includes an integrated underlay. If you choose carpet tiles for their ease and versatility, you’ll be able to select a style you enjoy because they are available in a wide range of colours and patterns.


  1. Fast and simple installation: In comparison to broadloom carpets, installing carpet tiles can be quicker and easier because they come in smaller, pre-cut pieces and don’t need a separate pad.
  2. Customized configurations: You may create your pattern with carpet tiles. Lay the tiles down in a conventional checkered pattern or experiment to create a beautiful pattern that complements your brand’s image.
  3. Simple to maintain: It’s simple to take out and replace any permanently discoloured or broken carpet tiles without messing up the rest of your flooring if you have a few extra carpet tiles on hand.


  1. Higher cost: Pre-cut tiles with an integrated underlay typically cost more than broadloom carpets due to their ease.
  2. Less padding: The broadloom rugs’ pads offer more cushioning than the underlay that comes with carpet tiles.
  3. Noticeable seams: The square divisions in modular carpet seams remain visible since they are not chemically fused. While some homeowners would prefer a completely seamless floor, tile seams can assist provide a striking, colour-blocked effect.

In the end, there is no clear winner when it comes to workplace flooring options. Your budget and design requirements will ultimately determine your choice. Once your carpets are installed, maintain their appearance by routinely cleaning and treating stains with care. Call your nearest carpet cleaning professionals for high-quality services and exceptional results on a schedule that works for you whether you have difficult-to-treat stains or to schedule routine cleaning you can rely on.