Here’s How To Fit A Wrong Size Rug And Make It Look Brand New

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that not all rugs fit every space. You have to choose the right carpet for the room. But there are instances when you simply don’t have the luxury of hand-selecting a rug.

You could have moved houses and brought a hand knotted rug that was customized for the previous residence. You might have inherited a traditional Indian carpet that’s been in the family for decades. Not only that, but you could have purchased a new carpet for the bedroom and needed to relocate the old one.

In any one of these scenarios, there’s only a slim possibility that when you roll out that lovely tapestry, it’ll suit the space. It may be too small, too big or merely not meant for the space. What are you to do then?


What to do with a wrong-sized rug?

First things first, this happens more than you think, even with newly purchased rugs. So, don’t panic. Just in case it was a new carpet, try exchanging it for one that actually matches the measurements of the space. Good handmade rug manufacturers always lend a helping hand in such instances. For old carpets, there are several ways to rectify this dilemma and create a warm, inviting, comfortable room.

Try the rug out in another room

Just because the carpet graced the drawing of your old home doesn’t mean it has to do the same in the new abode. Try it out in a different room. This is the easiest trick to fit a wrong-sized rug.

Yes, we know that most of us have a vision when it comes to décor and randomly changing it is not an easy pill to swallow. But, bear with us, and give the idea a try. You may be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Lay it out in the study, the living room, the kids’ room or any other place. It’s possible you’ll find a space where the colour or material of the handloom rug fits even better.

Style it over or under another rug

The next trick up our sleeves is called layering, and it is frequently used to style a small rug in large rooms. You layer the old rug over a bigger one. Flatweaves and eco-friendly rugs work like a charm for layering because they add a textural and visual element that’s incredibly pleasing to the eye.

Layering is also a sought-after method when the rug feels big. That means the measurements fit, but the pattern and overall look are too loud for the given space. In that case, place it under a smaller rug to mute the look.

Place it near or next to another carpet

Pairing is a styling method commonly used for open-concept homes. These abodes use rugs to carve out spaces, instead of using walls to delineate areas. The colour and design of the rug pop to the eye, creating gorgeous islands in the wide floor.

You can easily use this idea to fit a carpet of the wrong size into any room. If the rug is smaller than it should be, choose another small rug and lay them side-by-side to make one big rug. Or you could lay the two rugs near each other, with the first covering one section of the room and the other covering another part of the room.


What should you not do with a wrong size rug?

As tempting as it may be, don’t curl or even cram a rug against the wall. This temporary fix to make the rug apt for the room’s proportions will permanently damage it. The carpet will lose its natural shape. So, even if you find a location that’s better equipped for its size, the rug will always have an inward or outward curl or fold.

Also, never cut the rug yourself in an attempt to adjust it to the room size. You may get a carpet with the desired measurements, but you will ruin it beyond repair. The edges will look untidy, and the fibres will unravel with time. However, it is possible to resize a handmade rug with the help of a professional. They will cut and then rebind the edges to restore it to its former glory.

The takeaway

Every rug is an investment. However, when we’re shopping for them, we only consider aspects like material, colour, and design. When, in reality, the size and measurement should be thought about just as much.

Ask the rug manufacturer what size carpet would best fit your space. If you are unable to find one off the rack, try bespoke rugs to ensure the dimensions are perfect. And when that is not possible, use the tricks we mentioned above to make the most of the situation.


How to clean an old carpet and make it look new?

If you’re relocating an old rug for any reason, it’s only natural that you’d want to clean it first. With that in mind, here are some ways to clean a rug.

Dust it with a broom or stick

All carpets, from hand-tufted to broadloom, trap dirt and dust. When you’re short on time, shake the rug vigorously to get rid of all debris. But the best approach is to beat it with a broom or stick. A racket also works. We recommend hanging the rug from a sturdy piece of rope or furniture while you clean it. Also, do it outside so that you don’t have to clean the house afterwards.

Brush out stray hair strands

The thorniest part of cleaning a rug is removing hair, be it human or pet. It gets trickier if your pet has thick, long hair or if the carpet has a high pile. Beating will not move the strands even an inch because they cling to the carpet fibre.

Use a lint roller, a utility brush or a clothing brush to get rid of them. For the latter, use stiff bristles to effectively catch any stray strands. Nevertheless, remember to use a gentle hand. Rough movements will wreck the rug.

Vacuum the right way

You’d be surprised at the volume of dirt carpets have. They are serious dust catchers, particularly when used in areas with high footfall, like the foyer. Beating it and using lint rollers do only part of the job.

For a more thorough rug cleaning at home, you must vacuum. Ideally, this should be done twice a week. That said, it is more important to do it right than to do it often.

The correct method for vacuuming a carpet is to move in one direction. When you’ve cleaned the entire rug, vacuum it again. But this time, move perpendicular to the original direction.

This ensures that the vacuum picks up all the little things lodged in every nook and cranny. A quick note here is to avoid vacuuming tassels, if your carpet has any.

Snip threads that stick out

The last step to making an old rug look new is to trim threads that may be sticking out. For handweave carpets, you will have to examine very closely to spot them. When you observe one, apply very sharp scissors to it.

Keep the blade of the scissors at 90 degrees to the rug and trim the thread to a length that’s even with the surface. Never pull out an unwanted or unknotted thread. That can unravel part of the rug and destroy the design.

Avoid shoes on the carpet

Most of the dirt and debris that carpets catch comes from shoes. So, make the rug a no-shoe zone. For carpets in a high-traffic area, it means less time wasted on regular cleaning. Moreover, the gentle use will make your old rug last a little longer.


How to clean different carpet materials?

Cleaning a woollen rug

Wool is a natural fibre, and it shrinks if you use hot water. Harsh soap can also damage it. So, carpets made of wool need gentle cleaning. For stubborn stains, we recommend relying on a mild soap and water mixture. Keep the water cold or, at max, lukewarm. To make the rug last longer and the colours look brand new, protect it from direct sun rays.

Maintaining a silk carpet

Like wool, use a mild soap and water for silk rugs. Chemically-laden cleaning agents are not an option here. Also, clean just the dirty patch. Avoid soaking the entire carpet, or else you’ll damage the delicate fibres.

Cleaning hemp or jute rugs

These carpets are extremely durable and are best cleaned with dry methods. Shake and hang them outside or vacuum them. Don’t soak them in water. Dry shampoo is a better idea to maintain the elasticity and texture of jute and hemp. If you have to use a liquid for a persistent stain, perform spot cleaning.

Maintaining a shag rug

Shag rugs can be shampooed. Some rugs can handle moisture. For these, mix the shampoo with hot water. Clean the shag carpet with it and then vacuum the liquid at the same time. The method is extremely effective, but best done by professionals. You will also need to air-dry the rug away from direct sunlight. For shag carpets that can’t handle liquids, use a dry shampoo for thorough cleaning.


Deep cleaning is the safest bet to make it brand new

In living, breathing homes, mishaps happen. Dust settles on carpets, milk spills on flatweaves, and splatters invariably fall on rugs. The ideal way to clean it all is to call in professionals. They are trained in the art and science of it. They know which solution will work best for which fibre and pile. They’re aware which technique will be too harmful to the rug.

So, before you find a way to fit a wrong size rug into a new home, trust an expert to deep clean it. It is the safest and easiest bet for you. And remember, to get all your carpets professionally cleaned every six months!