How to Choose Carpet for Each Room of Your Home – A Brief Discourse

Want to give your home a quick makeover? If yes, then install carpets to add colours and warmth to your home and bring freshness. Whether you have a wooden surface or tile flooring, carpets come up with a ton of viable advantages to make your living space captivating. However, it may seem confusing to choose between shaggy or pile, handloom or woolen or contemporary or Persian.


Well, before we make our choices, let’s understand the difference between a rug and a carpet. From the utility aspect, carpets and rugs both are essential but the only difference you will find is their size. Rugs are comparatively smaller than the carpets and you can move them easily. On the contrary, carpets are installed wall-to-wall, which you can call fixed floor covering. Nowadays, carpets are not always fixed and you can roll them up just like rugs, but they are quite bigger than the rugs.

No matter whether you are choosing rugs or carpets to lay down, a few features like style, colour, texture, size, pile, pattern, weaving techniques and material matter. It is regardless to say that you must check the size and traffic of every room before choosing the rug or carpet. Here is a detailed guide on how to pick the right carpet size, colour and pattern for an individual room.


Carpet for living room:

To define the carpet or rug size, you need to follow a few methodologies, which can make your place appealing to visitors. Well, before you decide the carpet size, make your preference a priority.

Choose a smaller rug for a smaller living room, and it would look nice if you place it just below the center table. In the 90s, it was one of the popular décor styles. For a mid-size living room, put the front legs of the furniture on the woolen area rug and backside legs off the rug. Moreover, you can pick a perfect rug size to cover the entire floor space of the living room and put all the legs of the furniture on the carpet. This particular style is an incredible choice when decorating the living area with minimal furnishing.

  • For and large living room, a 9X12 carpet let the furniture put all the legs on the carpet. Leaving a few inches around the rug sets the boundary quite well.
  • Give your mid-length living room a sophisticated look, then put the front legs of your furniture on an 8X10 carpet and other legs off the carpet.
  • If you have a smaller lounge space instead of a bigger one, then put the 2 legs of your furniture off the 6X9 living room carpet.
  • If your living room has a small passageway, then a 3X5 flatweave mat can make it an inviting space.

Carpet for dining room:

Experts at Marwar Carpets suggest that you must choose the floor covering according to the shape of your dining table. For example, a round table looks good with a square carpet under it. In case of an oval or rectangular table, rectangular carpets are the best. For tables having a square shape will look great with mats in square shape.

If you are planning to lay down the rug or carpet just below the dining table, make sure you have spared a minimum of 24 inches from each side. Moreover, it is important to make sure that the carpet should not move, as soon as you remove the seats. So, while buying a rug or carpet for your dining area, measure the dining table and extra 24 inches from every side of the rug.

  • For an eight-chair dining table, an 8X10 carpet will give a sophisticated look to the dining area and a comfortable touch to the feet as well. If it is a large dining area that you have, choose the carpet size that can remain a few inches off the floor around, as it can give compact look to your dining space.
  • For a 6-seater dining table, it is ideal to choose a 6X9 rectangular or round rug. It will leave sufficient space on all the sides of the table.

Carpet for king size bedroom:

9X12 carpet can be installed totally under your king-size bed leaving extra 2 feet for each side of the carpet. It will give a comfortable surface for your feet, as soon as you leave your bed.

Carpet for queen size bedroom:

Just like a king-size bed, a queen-size bed also requires a wide carpet size that can leave enough space to place the feet after leaving the bed. 8X10 or 9X12 carpets are the perfect options in this case. For an additional sitting option, you can place the carpet just toward the end of the bed. For a smarter touch and additional comfort try placing a woolen rug under your queen size bed.

Carpet for single bedroom:

To make the area around your single bed comfortable and appealing, you can cover the area under your bed with a 5X7 or 6X9 textured area rug. It will leave adequate space around the bed for the necessary comfort.

Carpet for twin bedroom:

Try to set a 3X5 handloom rug between two single beds to add much-needed comfort and appeal to the room.

Area rug for the kitchen:

Take a look at the shape and size of your kitchen to find the right floor covering for it. Up to the area before the kitchen sink is the ideal space to lay rugs down. If you need a floor cover close to your standing kitchen cabinet, then 5X7 or 3X5 carpet on both sides can enhance the kitchen look.

Carpets for stairs and landing area:

Generally a few people choose to install rugs or carpets for landings and staircases, keeping the risk of tripping in mind. However, if you decided to lay down the carpet across this area, make sure you choose a material that doesn’t slip. At Marwar Carpets you will find the finest collection of indoor and outdoor rugs and carpets that will be glued down to the surface and won’t move after installation.


6 tips to choose the right carpet to enhance the look of your abode:

  • When it comes to deciding the patterns in the carpet, it is the thumb rule that you must scale them according to the size of the room. For example, larger rooms should have larger patterns, whereas smaller rooms must have repetitive patterns in a small.
  • A striped carpet can make a narrow room look visually wider.
  • Add a contemporary touch to your room with carpets in monochrome style.
  • Over time, you should turn your carpet upside down to make sure that the floor covering is worn out equally.
  • You shouldn’t place furniture with crawled feet over your carpet, as it can leave dents over time, which won’t be easy to remove.
  • If you have an open-plan home, carpets can be used to define the boundaries of different areas in a single space.


While wrapping up here, this section will give you an idea of how to choose the right material and take care of them. Well, always pick the carpet material according to its usage. If you are looking for warm underfoot in the bedroom, install a shaggy carpet under the front legs or frontal part of the bed, and sink your toes to feel the warmth and softness of the carpet. Next to it, mats are used across the damp areas due to their antiskid feature. For your child’s bedroom, use rugs that are durable enough to resist spills.

If you find any loose thread in your carpet over time, just clip them with scissors and try to tie the loose end. When the cleaning is concerned, carpets and rugs should be vacuumed on a regular basis to prevent the dust from settling deep down. To prevent spills from creating permanent stains, just clean it up at once with the help of a professional carpet cleaner.