How To Make Your Rug Last Longer?

Are you tired of buying new rugs for your home? If yes, then you will not have to worry anymore. In this blog, we will be telling you all the tips and tricks that you need to know for making your rugs last longer.

How To Make Your Rug Last Longer?

1. Keep Away Dirt

When a rug is subjected to foot traffic, dirt and debris tend to accumulate inside the fibres. The wear on your rug is the result. Thus, you must restrict the exposure your rug has to external objects. Your rugs will last longer if you take this action. This is because washing will eliminate most of the liquids, dirt, and particles that create common moulds and stains.

2. Don’t Let Spills Sit

Long-term damage to your rug will result from allowing spills to remain there. Therefore, you must address these issues as soon as feasible. The longer spills stay on the rug, the more difficult it will be to clean them up. It will soon make your rug look terrible. This calls for the usage of a cleaning solution that will enable you to quickly clean up spills before it’s too late.

3. Make Vacuuming a Priority

You may think that vacuuming can only remove dirt and debris. It prevents damage and fraying fibres from walking across your rug. The debris that is present underneath the rug causes friction when anyone walks across the rug. It then leads to damaged fibres. Vacuuming also keeps the area of the rug plump and plush by spreading the air throughout the rug.

In case the area rug is present in a high-traffic space, you can vacuum it twice weekly. Vacuuming once every week for other area rugs will help them to last longer.

4. Clean Regularly

Being careful when it comes to cleaning your rugs and carpets is another technique to extend their lifespan. According to rug specialists, professional rug cleaning is required once every two to three years. The damaging residue left behind by pet spills and accidents that accumulate over time will be removed by thorough cleaning.

5. Removing Shoes

If you want to save your area rugs, shoes must not be worn there. Instead, have soft-soled slippers at your entrance for family members and visitors to wear as they enter. Outdoor footwear consists of sand and dirt-based material that can eventually harm rugs. So, keep your home’s no-shoe rule in place if you want to safeguard your rugs.

6. Shifting Your Furniture

Moving your furniture is essential for keeping the rug in good condition. This is because you need to comprehend how hefty furniture is impacting the pile. For instance, as we all know, shifting can cause your furniture to dent and your rug to get stained or discoloured from dust that collects beneath the furniture. To clean and extend the lifespan of your indoor rug, move each piece of furniture once every few months.

7. Go For Deep Cleaning

While cleaning every few months is essential for rugs, it is equally important to perform a deep cleaning once in a couple of years. So, ask a professional to do it. Dry cleaning and steam cleaning can make your area rug look new. During holidays, many people get deep cleaning done for their rugs.

8. Rotate Your Rugs

If you and your family members get walked over often, then it is likely that within a few months, your rug will develop a wear pattern from all the traffic. This can result in worn-out spots in the middle of the large area rug. Rotating your rugs once each year helps to prevent such a thing from happening so that the rug evenly wears across the whole surface all over the years.

9. Buy Washable Rugs

Some area rugs are suitable for machine washing. You can buy such washable rugs. To make them last longer, you have to follow the guidelines and rules that come with the rug. For this, you have to keep a note of the right water temperature at which you will wash your rug and also the cycle of the wash. Additionally, you must vacuum and shake the rug before washing it.

10. Use Rug Pads

You will want your rug to look new and not have the same wear patterns that occur in old rugs. To achieve this, you have to keep a rug pad under all your rugs. The friction between the surface of hard flooring and rug fibres gives a worn-out and flattened look. This also helps in preventing slipping.

11. Keep an Underlay For Your Rug

Buying an underlay will also make your rugs last longer. It will also enable you to maintain your rugs effectively. Rug underlay can also provide you with a lot of benefits based on the kind of rug that you own. For example, some of the underlays keep the rug in their place and prevent them from slippages.


A rug can experience a lot of wear and tear due to foot traffic and also because of heaving furnishings. That is why, if you want a rug that can stand the test of time, then you have to learn how to maintain it properly. For this, we have provided you with a comprehensive guide that will enable you to make your rugs last longer.

Firstly, you have to limit the exposure of your rug to outdoor materials. This is because the more the dirt and debris collect, the more it will make your rug look older. So, clean it once every few months and also deep clean once each year. Vacuuming can also help maintain the look of your rug. You can also add rug pads, and underlay to enhance the longevity of your rugs. Additionally, you can invest in washable rugs so that you will be able to remove stains and spills with ease.