How to Style Your Home Décor with Rugs and Carpets

A rug not only changes the look of your home but also makes the indoor comfy enough for its inhabitants. Based on the chosen material or design of the rug or carpet, you can either make a loud statement or give a mellow touch to a room.

A rug to an interior space is just like an accessory to an outfit. We all know how a wrong accessory can make or break the entire look, choosing a rug needs the same careful consideration to make your space look apt. Read on to know what may suit best to your space and do your research to find the right floor covering matching the home décor.


  • Rugs for unparalleled comfort:

    The soft pile of rugs takes stress and pressure off your feet. Rugs and carpets both are comfortable floor coverings, which ensure the good health of your bone and ligaments in the long run. Carpets and rugs on the floor can be used for sitting purposes as well for wall-to-wall floor covering for the same reason. You might have noticed, how the comfort of rugs can be used across children’s playrooms or nurseries. Additionally, you can ensure a no-slip surface by choosing carpets and rugs with a pad.

  • Add warmth with rugs:

    Apart from offering comfort with softer and luxurious touch to your feet, carpets provide the necessary heat insulation. As a result, carpets keep a room warm and cozy in winters. Floors made of concrete and tiles become too cold to sit or walk in bare feet at times, especially in colder regions. All you have to do is cover the floor with thick and warm rugs and make your living space comfortable for sitting and walking.

  • Rugs for noise reduction:

    laying rugs can significantly reduce the noise of your room, be it the sound of footsteps or something falling. You might have noticed some slippers and hard shoes make tapping noises that can create disturbances for those living next to you or on the floor just below yours. Especially, when you have pets and children who crawl and play around, it would be a good reason to lay rugs and carpets with a thick pile to support noise reduction and make the space safe.

  • Anchor your space:

    Placing rugs or carpets in a similar style can connect your spaces while offering a visual link between two rooms. With such a transitional flooring solution, our eyes can be easily drawn from one space to another.

  • Create a feature:

    Use a rug to angle and place it on top of another to make a sitting area interesting in an open-plan space. So, if you are looking for a large carpet, introduce the layer effect to make it more enticing.

  • Zone areas:

    If it is not planned properly, the furniture in the open-plan space may look like small boats in the sea. Use rugs to reinforce your areas with peace, serenity and safety. Besides creating different zones, the right kind of carpet can help absorb the echo effect in a large space.

  • Size matters:

    All your effort to zoning or grounding your indoor space will go in vain if the rug or carpet is not proportionate to your interiors. When it comes to buying rugs online, subtract 3 feet from the length and width to leave some floor space. It will give you a clutter-free look with a sense of wide space. In case you are buying rugs to place under the table, make sure it is 24 inches wide from all the sides that the legs of the tables will remain within the carpet. If you want to buy runner rugs, choose an option that is narrower and shorter than the passage.


How to find the ideal rug for your space:

If you are looking for a transformative home decor element, carpets should be at the top of your priority list. Right from classifying your space into different zones to making a striking statement, carpets and rugs have evolved for a lot of decorative ideas. Though there are a lot of colours, patterns, sizes, and shapes available, the dilemma sets in while selecting the right rug to pair with other home decor elements. Here are a few things to determine before picking rugs according to your interior elements –

  • Know the purpose:

    First thing is first, visualize the rug setting according to the size of the furniture and wall colour. Ask yourself what matters to you most? Is it comfort or glamour or both? It will help you to determine the budget and choose the right rug accordingly. For example, compact spaces enclosed by walls can be complimented well with a single large size rug. To make your choice narrower, follow a thumb rule that either all the furniture legs will be on the rug or only the front legs will be covered by the rugs.

  • Furniture set:

    A lot of space owners do the mistake of ignoring the furniture that helps to pick the right rug size and shape. When picking the rug size according to the furniture, two layouts work. As discussed before, either all the furniture legs or only the front legs will be resting on the carpet. In the first scenario, you have to opt for a large rug size that will cover the width and length of the table besides accommodating the chair legs. In the case of the second layout, opt for mid-size rugs which will accommodate only the front legs of the furniture pieces to add a cohesive appeal to your space.

  • Furniture shape:

    Round rugs in small sizes can bring a cheerful vibe to the bedrooms or can create a point of interest in the playroom or study room. On the other hand, rectangular rugs are ideal for narrow hallway runners and dining spaces. It is the thumb rule to adopt a practical outlook before embracing the ornamental aspect.

  • Rug fabric:

    Rug fibres like wool, cotton, linen, sisal, etc. are believed to be the timeless choice that never disappoints people in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Rugs that come in synthetic materials like solution-dyed Nylon and Acrylic are preferred options for homeowners due to minimal maintenance and good durability.

  • Rug pattern:

    Look for the furniture style and your taste, when it comes to choosing a rug pattern. In case your furniture has a minimalistic look in terms of colour palette and design, then choosing a too flattering rug won’t look pleasant to the eyes. Always avoid excessive repetition of the same motifs and pick the same pattern with different scales to create a visual hierarchy.


How to choose the right rug material:

A lot of homeowners find it a dull task, but it is essential to choose the right rug material to ensure comfort and proper maintenance. Here are a few best rug materials in the market –

  • Wool rugs:

    It is no more wonder why wool rugs are high in demand. The natural durability and colour-retention property of wool make it a perfect choice for areas that come across heavy footfall. If maintained well, wool can last for decades. Since wool material is resistant to crushing, carpets made of this material won’t even reflect its age. To top it, a wool rug makes your room cozier during the fall and winter seasons. However, if you live in a humid place, don’t forget to check the signs of mould and mildew, often.

  • Natural fibre rugs:

    People who are passionate about designer rugs, natural fibre like seagrass, jute, and sisal can effortlessly add a chic aesthetic with a warm and organic feel. For high traffic areas, Sisal and seagrass are incredibly durable, whereas jute rugs are perfect to lay down in the guest bedroom and lend an earthy vibe to the space.

  • Synthetic fibre rugs:

    If durability gets priority in your list, then a synthetic rug is the best to invest in. Consider a rug or carpet made of polypropylene and nylon, which you can use as an indoor or outdoor floor covering. These synthetic materials resist stain and fading, which are ideal for homes with pets and kids. Moreover, these materials resist mildew and moisture, which makes them ideal for rooms with higher humidity.


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