Why Should You Pick Handloom Rugs For Home Decor?

When it comes to adding value to your space, handloom rugs make it possible with their exotic appearance and touch. Before you finalize your choices, pick the right quality from a reliable manufacturer. The quality of the fabric is critically important to upkeep the shine of the rugs and make them last longer. However, handloom carpet manufacturers offer a large collection of beautiful hand-made carpets, which can improve the overall décor of a property. So, have you ever wondered how handloom rugs are made or why should you pick one? Let’s get into the details-

Why handloom rugs?

Handloom rugs are traditionally handwoven on a vertical loom with a mounted warp. The weaving process determines the quality of the final product. The base of the rug is made of two sets of intersecting threads. To press the strands of the fibres together, a thin thread is utilized. The depth of the pile depends on the thickness of the rod. Unlike machine-made rugs, hand-loomed rugs are sealed towards the end.

Soon after the weaving process is done, the rug is sent for chemical washing. It softens the yarn to provide a comforting experience. Later, the rug is washed with water and dried under the Sun.

Materials Used in Making Handloom Rugs:

Viscose, wool, linen, polyester and nylon is used in making handloom rugs. The superior quality handloom rugs are made of higher knot count, as the weaves are knit closely ensuring the longevity of the products. Hence, the weaving process makes the rugs unique and determines the quality. Some of the superior quality rugs have knots ranging from 400 to 700 knots per square. A fabulous looking rug takes a time-consuming and tedious job to produce. Local artisans put their unique creativity to produce one-of-kind rugs.

Handloom rugs generally come in geometric patterns and designs like stripes, boxes and checks. Due to the use of double backing, these rugs do not bunch up or fold and come with a heavyweight. Some handloom rugs are also reversible with high-quality colours on both sides. During the manufacturing of handloom rugs, no two rugs can be identical.

Benefits of Using Handloom Rugs for Home and Office:

As discussed earlier, a handloom rug is produced when they are hand-knotted on a specially designed loom. Whereas woollen handloom rugs are great for interior home décor, polyester is best for outdoors. Here are a few benefits of using handloom rugs for home and office-

  1. Provide Royal Look to Your Home: A well-designed handloom carpet gives a touch of luxury to your property. If you want to take interior décor to next level, invest in quality handloom carpet design with intricate patterns and magnificent shades. Living areas, boardrooms, conference rooms, living areas, reception and other areas are the perfect places to provide a royal look to your home.
  2. Reduce Accidental Tripping: The use of handloom carpets for your home can reduce fall and slip accidents. Marble floors and tiles are susceptible to falls, which can be prevented by lying carpets. Besides offering additional comfort, carpets provide additional grip to the feet when walking.
  3. Absorb Noise: The natural and quality material of carpet absorbs noise. Especially, an office space deal with a lot of clients and employees daily. Even, a home with toddlers and pets needs insulation against noise as well.
  4. Maintain the Indoor Warmth: Handloom carpets not only improve the look of a property but also give a home a tidy environment. The natural fibres of carpet maintain the warmth of the room, which is another way of saving energy. Whereas hard flooring surface causes more trouble to clean and maintain the home, a carpet traps the dust particles and can be cleaned easily.

Care and Usage of Handloom Rugs:

The pattern that handloom rugs carry are limited, which sometimes become the only disadvantage of handloom carpets. In handloom rugs, you will find a few simple geometric patterns which are either plain or have designs containing stripes or boxes. Unlike flatweave and hand-tufted rugs, handloom ones don’t have floral designs in them. Here are a few perks and usage of handloom rugs explained-

  1. Durability & Affordability: It takes less time to produce handloom rugs with its exceptional qualities, which has made these rugs the most inexpensive ones in the rug market. In addition to this, handloom rugs come with double backing and a single backing. However, rugs that come with dual support back with latex canvas behind are often less durable and rugs that come without latex last longer besides.
  2. Usage: Just like other carpet types, the usage of handloom carpets and rugs takes the same approach. Moreover, they don’t weigh as light as flatweave rugs, but handloom yoga mats can be carried easily. Indian handloom rugs and manufacturers like Marwar Carpets have gained popularity worldwide. Modern homes today require such inexpensive rugs over the traditional and hand-tufted ones for interior decoration, which may range from 4 meters to 25 meters in size.
  3. Wash: Handloom rugs should be vacuumed at least once every 3-5 weeks. Using mild cleaner, you can remove stains and spills. Moreover, rugs with single backing can be cleaned in a washing machine.

Benefits of Handloom Carpets and Rugs:

With the development of weaving technology, handloom carpets take less time to produce with some intricate designs and patterns. Here are a few benefits of handloom rugs as listed here-

  1. Quicker production time of handloom rugs uses less energy and low production costs. In addition to this, the knotted loomed rugs give the look and feel of the costly hand-knotted rugs at a low price.
  2. Flatweave handloom rugs are reversible. Hence, you can use both sides of the area rug. So, when one side of your handloom rug looks old, just reverse the carpet to get the fresh carpet look again. The colour, texture and quality all come equally on both sides.
  3. Besides having a good looking floor, which is soft and comfortable on the feet, no two handloom rug pieces look identical, which stands as a sign of a worthy handcrafted job.

3 Things to Consider While Buying Handloom Rugs:

  • Handloom rugs are suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • These rugs are not stretchable. You can notice the inner fibre upon flipping a carpet loomed by hands.
  • You may not find the natural fringes. To replicate the real hand-knotted rugs, manufacturers sometimes add fringes as desired. Sometimes, the sides are glued to keep the fibres together.

If you are one amongst them who adorns blending traditional designs with contemporary taste, then try having modern handloom rugs from Marwar Carpets. As soon as you visit the website or physical store of a reliable rug and carpet dealer, you will be amazed to see the variety of colours and designs that can make an average-looking home appealing.